Giving Back

24 Nov

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to live my life how I want to. I have a very supportive family that puts up with my eccentricities and a small but fantastic group of friends. I try to remember to be a good person in return but also know that no one is perfect so I make up for this by doing good deeds when I can. I’ll buy that overpriced candy from the kids outside the store, pick up items for the canned food drives and toy boxes at the office just little things really that we all should do if we can.  Last year when I was living in Bixby Knolls someone posted on the community page a call for scarfs and hats for a holiday project.

Like many Americans the end of 2016 had me feeling pretty down and I wanted to do something positive. I picked up my scooter keys and made my way to the local craft store and bought as much yarn as would fit in to the roll bag on my Vespa. I had a little over a month to make as many as I could and spent all of my free evenings with this task. I’m not a fantastic crocheter but I can certainly make a scarf in an evening. A couple of days before Christmas on a slightly chilly yet beautifully sunny day in Long Beach I packed up all of my creations and met up with the project organizer down by the water at a park that is a popular gathering spot for local transients. We went to work tying these beautiful creations on every post and tree trunk we could find. A few people approached us as we went about our work and asked if we were selling them and we said no it was just for anyone that may be cold. We were given funny looks, people examined the scarves but walked away still thinking there was some sort of catch.


I had to rush off to my family brunch that day so I didn’t get to see how long it took for all of these colorful items to be taken up. I did enjoy the thought of bringing a little bit of joy to someone’s day. It’s a little far for me to travel to Long Beach to help this year so I’ll be rolling solo this year at a park near my home. Getting a bit of a late start but began work today, not sure how many I’ll get done but even a few would help.

I hope this encourages you to do something, doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to cost a lot just do something! Not sure where to start? Try just being a little bit kinder out there, I trust you’re all good people but just hold those doors open for a stranger, talk to that person asking you for spare change, toss a couple of bucks on to your bill at the market for the local food bank. Just start with something and go from there.


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