Two bottles of shampoo, how dare you

10 Oct

Having been at home the past few months looking for a new job I’ve been able to learn a lot of things about this neighborhood. I’ve been here about a year and a half and while I’ve lived in this area before I’ve never really had a “front row seat” to the show before. My street isn’t particularly fancy but there’s always something going on! My little one bedroom here is at the front of my building and my second story perch allows me to watch all of the happenings.

Today while washing up at noon, as you do (the unemployed have a very relaxed schedule) I heard a rather vicious fight breaking out. I”m surprised I was able to hear it as Wednesday is a popular day for my brown brethren to swoop down and spend far too much time maintaining these 10 x 15 patches of scrubby grass that pass as our lawns here. The two men were arguing quite loudly in the middle of the street over two bottles of shampoo that were left in the shower. Naturally I turned off my sink to get in all of the fight. Because if you’re going to fight in the street it’s got to be a good show right? Accusations were flying back and forth, lots of tears, some screaming and just a general feeling of someone being used hung heavy in the air. Who knew that after spending a whole day cleaning, cooking and running errands for someone you could just absolutely LOSE IT over seeing a couple of bottles of shampoo left on a shelf in the shower. The fight ended with one of the men tearing off in a hideous blue Mustang and the residents of this little street went back to whatever we were doing, well after you heard a loud “guuurrrrl, he don’t deserve you” coming from the window of one supportive neighbor. Still wondering why the bald guy had two bottles of shampoo??!!


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