15 Dec

Earlier this year Mike Catherwood a.k.a. “Psycho Mike” from Loveline / KROQ started a pledge to buy only products made in the good ole’ USA for a full year.  You can read about Mike’s decision at his website Domestic Journey.  I’m an avid listener of Loveline and the Kevin & Bean show and when I heard about what he was doing I was very intrigued.  I started looking at my own purchases and tried to make a conscious effort to really look at my purchases and buy American when I could. It’s a lot harder than one would think!  As someone that produces a “product” (hey Gilbeys are a product!) I only use materials produced in America so I can proudly say that not only are they 100% handmade by an American they are also made exclusively of American products from their stuffing, ribbons and catnip!  You can see my online shop at the Gilbey store on Etsy, fair warning if you haven’t been to Etsy before be prepared for major hits on your wallet.  There is one thing I found that I know is also handmade here in America that I absolutely adore and think everyone should know about and that’s Tarina Tarantino.

ImageIf you watch The Mindy Project on Fox you’ll see that Mindy Kaling is also a big fan and wears lots of Tarina’s products.  The LA shop is on Melrose Ave at the end of my block which I believe may be far more dangerous for my finances than the Paul Frank shop was.  I have been able to control myself though and ever since my first venture into the strange little pink shop I’ve been in absolute adoration.  I’m not a very girlie girl but I do adore something shiny or whimsical and Tarina’s jewelery scores big on both marks.  I also like that her rings which are my favorite things are adjustable, super old school style with the band you gently pull to widen, but not that pinchey sort that goes underneath your finger this is a full on thick sturdy band that’s adjustable at the top.  There are also adorable bows that clip on to everything (though I do wish they had a pin option on those so I could put my safety pins away), necklaces and awesome headbands! Today I celebrated my return to the working world with a few new purchases from the store.  I soooooo want to wear all three of these at once but I think I’ll start off with the LA girl ring first, maybe I’ll rock the bunny ring at the kids recital tomorrow, we’ll have to see what the day holds. Until then I’ll be representing my “East Los” roots with my homegirl Sparkle.


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