Dream Crushers

12 Feb

This weekend there was yet another family party for my niece who was turning 10 so we all trekked back up the mountain to Wrightwood. The usual merriment was going on but as the bulk of the family left and it was just a few of us sitting around the dining room table the talk turned to my eldest niece’s post-graduation plans. We’re still not sure how she managed to make it to the last few months of her senior year without someone telling her to take the SATs and its too late to sit them now so any sort of traditional university is sort of out of the picture for the next semester. She is focused on working in the theatre though. No she doesn’t want to become an actress she wants to work behind the scenes, being a Stage Manager or Director. Of course she wants to do this in New York City, this is our first problem. While we adore her and don’t want to discourage her or anyone from following their dreams this is a girl who well into double digit age honestly believed that Santa was real. THE CITY WILL EAT HER ALIVE!! We told her that there are lots of theatres in Los Angeles and maybe she should start here where she’d at least be able to live with one of us and get a few internships or PA jobs under her belt before heading east and she’d get to live in the city! This girl has spent most of her life living in the mountains, sure she’s traveled, they went to New York maybe 5 or 6 years ago so she’s not completely ignorant of the city atmosphere but it’s so different when Mom and Dad are tucking you away in a hotel room and you’re eating at Bubba Gump overlooking Times Square. We have a few months to try to sort this out but right now we’re a little concerned about our Weebecca.


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