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High Wind Advisory

13 Apr

Heading out in a few minutes for yet another Coachella. This is an annual tradition that has only been broken once when I skipped the festival in 2015 and went to Shaky Knees in Atlanta with a friend that really needed to stay a bit more local that year. I really love this weekend, it’s an amazing time with friends and most of us are seasoned veterans with excellent fest survival skills. The first time I went to Indio for this magic weekend was during the inaugural festival in 1999. We had all heard about this new thing happening in a city we had never heard of but I was on the fence about going. There were many reasons to go along with Morrissey being on the bill and one of our friends spinning in the DJ tent. That friend connected us with the guest list and we packed our bags and headed out picking up a $50 (with fees!) ticket for the friend we threw in the car that morning and with a belly full of Del Taco we stepped on to the polo field for the first time. That first year was a sparsely attended event, the polo field seemed massive and many parts of the field were completely dark. The grass was a perfect shade of green and felt wonderful beneath my feet, apartment dwellers miss things like having a lawn. Food vendors were a mix of local groups and some restaurants that made the trek to the desert, I chose to buy a cheeseburger from the Boy Scouts for my dinner that night. I took my burger and walked back across the field and found a quiet spot a few hundred feet back from the main stage and listened to Moz sing about meat being murder while the grease from this burger slid down my arm.

A lot has changed from that first festival, I’m now far out of the target demographic and I have to pay for my wristband now (big ups to Virgin Megastores for many years of free VIP wristbands).  The crowds are different, social media has come in and the Instagram Girls rule the field for the weekend but it all makes for some great people watching and you know you’ll get your view of the band back in a few minutes when they get the perfect selfie.

Gummy Bears

I’ve had some stellar experiences at the festival, the VIP years are far behind me and I’ll probably never get a photo pass again but I’ll always cherish those memories. Meeting bands wandering around the bars, having Robbie Williams buy me a gin and tonic, walking away from Stuart Murdoch mid interview for my radio show because I wanted to get a picture of Noel Gallagher, blagging a photo pass for Keith because he was wearing a CNN shirt he picked up in NYC and looked like a journalist enabling him to play rock photographer all weekend. What this year will bring besides the winds is unknown but I know we’ll have a great time.


2013 here we come

6 Jan

Ok just spent most of the afternoon talking with a friend about plans for the future.  We’re roughly the same age and we’re both just kinda floating along here in LA not necessarily directionless but not with a firm plan.  I turn 39 this yeah and while I’ve never been one that gets hung up on age I think it’s definitely a year when I need to make some decisions on things and get things going.  2012 was both amazing and horrifying and I’m glad it’s over and I feel we’re all ready for some change.  I think if I didn’t have certain things that I could rely on throughout the last year I would have been slightly batty.  There are two things in particular that gave me some definite bright spots throughout the year and both of them are tied up neatly in this one clip.

Noel Watches Final against QPR

Yes I grew up in LA, total American and have no blood ties to Manchester at all but still feel a total connection to the city.  This last year was pretty rough for a number of reasons but there was always another Noel Gallagher show on the horizon to look forward to and after the season started each weekend brought a fabulous new match to watch.  As I navigate my way through this next year and hopefully coming to some great decisions I know I can always take a little break from it all and get lost in a wonderful 90 minutes of soccer or a few minutes of an absolutely brilliant song.