Must resist eating candy

31 Oct

In my nearly 20 years of living in this area I’ve only had trick or treaters come by twice!  But you never know right?  This could be the big year they decide to come out.  The biggest Halloween party in the city is up the street from us on Santa Monica Boulevard and lots of people park in the neighborhood to avoid having to pay for parking near the carnival.  I can’t be the only one that has candy ready to go!


I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I’ve dressed up on occasion and have enjoyed some scary movies when the mood strikes.  Those of you that are very into Halloween I appreciate your efforts, well done all of you!  I have no such strong allegiance with any holiday, perhaps I should really like live it up on Arbor Day or something next year.  Tree and leaf shaped cookies for all!!  Now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have cleaned up my doorway just in case little costumed beings stop by, the spider webs that collect there would have added to the “atmosphere”.


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