No I can not make the yams but here have this giant pie!

22 Nov

Oh Thanksgiving I don’t have much to do with you, you’ve always seemed like a throw away holiday.  Sure there are families that get together and feast on super amazing food but considering I’m not a “foodie” then it is just a day I need to take some Advil before getting in my car to go join the family.  I think I may have skipped too many of these gatherings in my youth because now it’s just like a given that I’ll be there. I think I took last year off from the family, I’m pretty sure I did so this year I am once again spending it with the Ojeda clan.  We’re going to my brother’s house in Wrightwood and he’s going to attempt to fry a turkey which I’m still advising against as I think he’s going to end up burning down the mountain.  I fully plan on wearing clothes that are not flowy so that if I have to run through flames I won’t be in danger of having my sweater catch fire.

Maybe I don’t care much for this holiday because I don’t cook.  I have a lot of really great grocery stores and restaurants around me and I’m not opposed to an occasional fancy meal – I was just at The Foundry last night but tonight what did I have? Some tomato salad and a steak I threw onto the George Forman!  Yep!  My contributions for the family meal this year is one giant Costco pie and a few bottles of sparkling cider.  I guess I did get fancy with the cider because I passed by the plain apple and went for apple-cranberry and a peach-mango.  I’ll pretty much drink anything that has a peach flavor though.

So I’m off to bed now and hoping that I won’t have dreams of children pestering me to do my famous comedy sketches featuring their toys while sitting in the van for two hours.  I swear I could be the greatest children’s comedian ever it’s just a shame that they aren’t let into the comedy clubs because they have issues holding their liquor and fight with the bar staff about the 2 sippy cup drink minimum.


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