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No I can not make the yams but here have this giant pie!

22 Nov

Oh Thanksgiving I don’t have much to do with you, you’ve always seemed like a throw away holiday.  Sure there are families that get together and feast on super amazing food but considering I’m not a “foodie” then it is just a day I need to take some Advil before getting in my car to go join the family.  I think I may have skipped too many of these gatherings in my youth because now it’s just like a given that I’ll be there. I think I took last year off from the family, I’m pretty sure I did so this year I am once again spending it with the Ojeda clan.  We’re going to my brother’s house in Wrightwood and he’s going to attempt to fry a turkey which I’m still advising against as I think he’s going to end up burning down the mountain.  I fully plan on wearing clothes that are not flowy so that if I have to run through flames I won’t be in danger of having my sweater catch fire.

Maybe I don’t care much for this holiday because I don’t cook.  I have a lot of really great grocery stores and restaurants around me and I’m not opposed to an occasional fancy meal – I was just at The Foundry last night but tonight what did I have? Some tomato salad and a steak I threw onto the George Forman!  Yep!  My contributions for the family meal this year is one giant Costco pie and a few bottles of sparkling cider.  I guess I did get fancy with the cider because I passed by the plain apple and went for apple-cranberry and a peach-mango.  I’ll pretty much drink anything that has a peach flavor though.

So I’m off to bed now and hoping that I won’t have dreams of children pestering me to do my famous comedy sketches featuring their toys while sitting in the van for two hours.  I swear I could be the greatest children’s comedian ever it’s just a shame that they aren’t let into the comedy clubs because they have issues holding their liquor and fight with the bar staff about the 2 sippy cup drink minimum.

Last of the famous…

11 Oct

I used to be a giant Morrissey fan, I’m still a fan now just not as die hard “the man can do no wrong”.  The Smiths and Morrissey were just always there, taking over everything in my teen years.  As I grew older and started attending more concerts then the obsession grew.  I wasn’t one of those girly girls that went to prom or even wore make up so Dad bought me my first few seats to sold out shows from ticket brokers because he was far too accommodating of a father and would do whatever we asked and hey he was saving all that money on eyeliner and Sharpie for my eyebrows. 

My first trip to New York was to see a bunch of Morrissey shows, four concerts at small venues across the city and in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week.  I had a cheap ticket from signing up for an American Express card on campus and set off with two friends to see what we could make happen.  Without tickets or even a place to stay we set off and had an amazing week, we made it in to all of the shows – front and center for every single one thanks to general admission and a stroke of luck at the Philadelphia box office.  We spent Thanksgiving day eating Sbarro then waiting at Morrissey’s hotel to try to meet him.  He finally appeared after hours of us waiting in the cold after being kicked out of the lobby which was understandable as it was small and we were obviously not guests.  He was with Linder and he met with us briefly before he went upstairs, she came back out of the hotel and took all of the things we wanted signed with some notes as to what belonged to who.  She came back with a stack of autographed items all with personal little touches, its where my England “Hoist it high” flag was signed.  We would go on to have many other adventures following Morrissey and other bands around the world but nothing will match the excitement of those first few trips.  I met some of my favorite people ever around these concerts, I’ve lost touch with most of them but when we do run into each other it’s our shared history that brings us right back.  

I still sing along and sometimes dance if I’m in my apartment when a song comes up in the shuffle, admittedly I haven’t bought an album since You Are The Quarry but I”m still aware of what the man is doing.  The blind faith devotion is definitely gone now, I loved the Coachella hissy fit / dry heaving that happened in 2009 and it made me realize that I had really put it all behind me and now it was just a bit of nostalgia to go to one of his shows like going to see The Monkees in Vegas (yes I know Davy is dead and you can’t do this anymore).  Morrissey is starting a new tour soon, I have a ticket for the show in Los Angeles – how could I not go Iggy Pop is opening and it’s over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I’m sure I’ll run into some old friends, maybe make some new generation fan sulk when they try to “outfan” me.  I suppose this tour is why he went on The Colbert Report.  I’m glad he agreed to do this because this is hands down the greatest Morrissey interview I’ve ever seen.